Why BAM Builders? | Part 4

The label “builder grade” typically carries a negative connotation in new residential construction. At BAM Builders, we are challenging that interpretation and aim to educate our customers not all “builder grade” quality is equal.  We do our best to balance affordability, aesthetics, and durability. While it can be challenging to find a perfect combination, we strive to provide the best of all three worlds to our customers.

BAM Builders has always believed cutting corners and using lesser quality material for the sake of price is never in the best interest of our home buyers. We understand homes are an investment and are long-term commitments for many.  Each of our homes are built with custom cabinets. Our team ensures all custom built cabinets are designed to the customer’s specifications and include a combination of drawers, doors, and trash pull.  Granite countertops are outfitted throughout each house to combine elegance and durability to withstand everyday life. Baseboards are also equipped throughout each house, and crown molding can be found in the living area and master bedroom. These elements combine to provide you a home with class and quality you deserve.

Our homes are standard equipped with an on-demand, tankless water heater to provide extra functionality.  You will have peace of mind by never having to worry about who ran the last bit of hot water. Hot water will always be available on demand for showering, dish washing, and laundry. Another benefit of having a tankless water heater is never having to worry about a leak or burst tank at any time!

Peace of mind is continued by a ceiling fan in every bedroom. We know Texas summers can be hot, and ceiling fans can help spread your cool air evenly around a room. Ceiling fans aid in cooling your home, thus helping lowering your utility bills! Our bathrooms are also all equipped with quiet exhaust fans. We take great lengths to make sure your BAM built home is a joy to live in!

Lastly, each BAM built home has its own individuality.  To date, none of our homes have used the same floor plan.  Each home is specifically designed to be unique. While some areas of each home might be similar, we do our best to individualize each project based on our customers’ wants, needs, and budget.  Your unique BAM built home provides you with your own retreat to relax and enjoy life.

Our individualistic approach to each home is a philosophy we are very proud of, and we will be further discussing our approach in our next blog post.  We do our best to provide houses you can turn into your dream home.  Whether your individual needs, attention to details, or building safe and secure homes, we do our best to make every BAM home above and beyond, not just “builder grade” quality.