Why BAM Builders? | Part 3

Craftsmanship and quality are important factors in deciding to purchase a new home. At BAM Builders, we strive to display these elements throughout our homes. After building on a solid foundation, framing is the next step where we showcase our craftsmanship and caliber of work.

We spend valuable time and focus on the framing of our homes. Where the foundation is the groundwork your home stands on, your home’s framing provides the structural integrity against all that nature and life can throw at it. All framing must comply with appropriate building codes to be deemed safe and sound. At Bam Builders, we build our homes a step above the acceptable standard to keep your home secure no matter what.

Our framing begins with sourcing high quality lumber. As the bones of your home, we would not our wood to be brittle, warped, or unstable. We sort through our lumber to cull anything which does not meet our accepted standards. If enough wood is rejected, we will not hesitate in shipping more wood to a job site.

One framing technique we do differently involves the corners of our homes. Many builders use a common technique called a California corner in their framing. This type of corner allows for more insulation to be blown into the current and increases the energy efficiency of your home. BAM Builders uses a traditional 3 stud corner with mitered blocks. Batted insulation is then manually filled into the corner. We opt for the 3 stud corner because this technique removes the need for drywall clips and prevents waves from forming under your drywall. The 3 stud corner results in a clean and sturdy structure for your home and provides energy efficiency.

Regarding overall energy efficiency, BAM built homes are rated in the highest tier of energy efficiency on the market. Our homes consistently rate better than the industry standard. We take great pride in making sure your home will last a lifetime and keep you comfortable in the most extreme conditions. We provide you this quality while keeping it affordable for you, the homeowner. Between foam insulation, energy-efficient windows, and energy efficient HVAC systems, BAM built homes exceed at meeting your comfort needs in the warmth of our Texas summers or on a cold night in February.

While many build processes or techniques are standardized across builders, we take pride in ensuring all the details of your home are correct. We understand how important these details are and how small oversights can add up throughout the build process. Responsibly managing costs while ensuring the quality of your home is what we strive to deliver. Our team is regularly meeting with new contractors, learning about new advancements, and looking at industry trends to deliver you the best possible home we can build.

Be sure to look out for our next installing of our Why BAM Builders series. We will discuss our standards to be considered builder grade quality and how we use these materials to further differentiate ourselves.