Why BAM Builders? | Part 2

We know when you buy a home your expectations are that the craftsmanship and quality of the home will last for decades. That quality and longevity begins on what your home rests on – its foundation. The part of your home that supports the entire structure cannot be overlooked.

At BAM Builders, we understand how crucial your foundation is in your home and the build process. Each foundation we build has time and research dedicated to ensuring it is right and of high quality. This craftsmanship begins by knowing the two components of your foundation.

The dirt underneath the foundation and the concrete slab are these two vital components.  The dirt in which your foundation sits on is known as the pad, and the slab is the concrete itself.  Your home will not be fun to live in if it does not have a good foundation to sit on. Every new homeowner should have the peace of mind knowing there house is built on a solid foundation. This is the motivation for us dedicating time and effort to ensure sure your foundation is as strong as it can be.

Our process begins by having the original dirt removed from under the house and replacing it with select fill.  This specific dirt combination allows us to compact the soil under the slab, preventing extra tension and torqueing from occurring.  These are the main causes of cracking your foundation. Tension is caused by dirt settling under the slab unevenly making the slab stretch and bend.  Digging out a select amount of native soil, replacing it with select fill, and compacting that fill greatly assists in preventing future damage to your foundation and home.

Once this process is complete, the next step is adding the concrete slab.  Slab on grade foundations are the common foundations you will see in Texas.  Simply put, the foundation is actually created in a mold which sits on the ground.  If you have ever driven past a new home build, you have most likely seen boards surrounding an unfinished slab. These boards comprise the mold we use to create the slab your home is built on. Trenches are also used throughout the middle of the pad to pour footers. These footers help support the concrete much like table legs.

Many different reinforcement techniques can be used on a concrete slab.  At BAM Builders, we use post tension slabs.  This technique creates a slab that actively works to strengthen itself.  Cables are run through the slab before concrete is poured, and these cables are then tightened using a hydraulic crank after the slab has dried.  Tightening these cables tensions the slab together and provides the most secure and stable foundation to be found on the market.

Our foundations are built to ensure your home will last.  By using the latest in technology and research, our homes are designed to stand the test of time and provide you peace of mind.  Be sure to follow us as we talk about framing techniques windows for our homes in BAM Builder’s next blog installment.