BAM Builders: The Story Behind

Jonathan & Caitlyn Barrow

BAM Builders is a company rooted in its values. Values of craftsmanship, innovation, and customer satisfaction. To understand why these principles are a commitment within our company, one must know Jonathan Barrow. Jonathan is the Vice President of BAM Builders and holds these values firm in his homes and to you.

This story begins around ten years ago. On any given day, Jonathan could be found out on his parents’ land constructing dams in the creek, riding his four wheeler across the acres, or clearing paths through the underbrush. While his love for the outdoors has been dear to him, he also succeeded in academics and pursued other hobbies.

One of those hobbies was woodworking. Jonathan enjoyed crafting something beautiful or useful from what at first was a blank block of wood or stack of lumber. This love of woodworking stems from Jonathan’s grandfather, who had a true love for building wood furniture.  Sadly, his grandfather passed at an early age in Jonathan’s life, yet he passed on a love of woodworking and the art of craftsmanship. This love was fostered through Jonathan’s life as his parents built three of their own houses, allowing Jonathan to experience first hand the beauty of turning a piece of dirt into a home.

Fate would have it that Jonathan would have a chance to be mentored and begin building homes under the oversight of a seasoned partner. His mentor has been in the construction industry over 20 years and has built homes throughout Central Texas.  While becoming a general contractor was never in Jonathan’s sights, this opportunity has been immensely rewarding - allowing him to live out his childhood dream of creating something from seemingly nothing.

The principles of BAM Builders are personal to Jonathan. He and his wife have been through the search for a new home. He understands your needs and desires when choosing a home for your family because he has been in your shoes. With a young son, Jonathan builds homes in which he would be proud to move his own family into. Jonathan and his wife experienced a house fire in their home shortly into their marriage from a remodel. This tragedy shaped Jonathan to stand for craftsmanship and quality in his own homes. A BAM built home has been molded from Jonathan’s own experiences and is principled with craftsmanship, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Jonathan is excited every day to lead BAM Builders and provide custom homes for Central Texas. He will be excited to work with you on your family’s next home.