What To Consider Before Building A Custom Home

Building a custom home can be the perfect option for your family. It can also be a challenging decision to arrive at. From choosing the land to build on, to designing a custom floor plan, there are many factors that can and should influence your decision. Here are five things to evaluate if you are thinking about building a custom home.

1. Consider Your Future

A custom home is built to meet your family’s specific wants and needs. Consider the future needs of your family and potential changes. If your family is growing, be sure to take this into account when planning your bedrooms or, your custom home could be your retirement dream, so consider options that would allow you to "age in place".

2. Showcase Your Lot

Your lot may have distinguishable features to influence your custom home’s design. These features could be a scenic overlook, a pond, or a serene wooded area. Take care to incorporate these features when designing your dream home. For example, oversized windows could be used to maximize a view, or a front porch swing could be used to enjoy life in your neighborhood.

3. Rank Your Wish List

Write down a list of wants and needs, then rank them by priority.  This exercise will help you determine what you want in a custom home and what your budget covers.  Eliminating a large budget item may enable you to add more desired features in your custom home.

4. Keep An Open Mind

Always keep an open mind during the custom build process. Visit open houses and other available homes to gather ideas. Your architect or builder may make suggestions based on your ranked wants and needs. You may discover a trade-off that maximizes your budget.

5. Pick A Local Builder

Build with a local builder, like BAM Builders. Local builders are familiar with local regulations and contractors. They have built relationships and are invested in your community. A local builder wants to create a positive impact on your neighborhood and ensure your home is an asset.

At BAM Builders, we will guide you through the custom build process. We love building homes in Central Texas as we also call this area home. If you are thinking about building a custom home, or are ready to build, contact us today!