Winterizing Your Home: Tip 6

Welcome to the last installment of our winter blog series! Hopefully Punxsutawney Phil is wrong this year, and spring shows its head early this year. While no snowstorms hit the Waco area, following all of these tips hopefully helped you save money and provided peace of mind knowing your home is running with efficiency this season. For our final installment, we will provide you with tips on gutter maintenance.

Gutter maintenance may seem to be a trivial matter compared to some of the issues we covered; however, gutters serve a valuable purpose in home maintenance. Fire safety, smoke alarms, wrapping pipes, HVAC maintenance, and door insulation are all important things to remember for winterizing your home, but gutters work year round and help keep your whole home safe and secure.

Many homes are equipped with gutter systems which allow water to drain from the roof through spouts into directed areas, keeping your landscaping and foundation free of pooling water. Gutters are an upgrade on a home that can help keep a home’s foundation firm. By directing water away from the foundation and preventing pooling, gutters enable a home’s foundation to maintain its structural integrity by not becoming soft and malleable due to copious amounts of standing water.

If your home has gutters, you might not think about what you should be doing to maintain your gutters. Unfortunately, these beneficial devices do not show when they need maintenance like other areas of your home do. Every fall before it gets too cold, washing out your gutters should be one of the top things on your priority list. Any debris or clogs in your gutters can cause them to fail and create much larger issues.

There are companies that will clean out your gutters if this task is a burden on or if you simply happen to be scared of heights. Taking advantage of this service would be helpful during this time to help prevent your gutters from taking damage. A thorough cleaning prevents pools of water from forming in your gutters, which could freeze during the winter and burst your gutters rendering them useless in the spring rains.

We recommend setting up reminders for yourself to clean your gutters. If you are one to make reminders on your phone, this is a task to remind yourself about! Setting quick maintenance tips like the this one or any tips presented in this series will go a long way in keeping your house the nicest on the block. Easy and preventative maintenance can keep your home looking pristine and running efficiently for decades to come.